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*US, AUS, Asia Pacific, and some major EU countries.

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You can request any kind of modifications before or after purchasing any items. Our customer service will handle your questions anytime! 

We asked our dearest customers for their kind and honest reviews regarding our products!

We have experience of selling thousands costume domestically and internationally.



Taylor Tennant, USA

Hoodie was better than i expected. I had some problems with shipping on the USPS' end, but the seller was very attentive in trying to help it get to me!

all of the reviews are legitimate and truthful.

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About Us
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Originated from Land of Thousand Islands Indonesia, we are a group of indie artists and peers that are working on the same goals, which is to create a high quality Japanese culture costumes that are still affordable while maintaining the quality.

Started as a hobby to make anime costumes in 2018, and with the help from our local customers, we finally now be able to serve internationally in 2020.

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