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Shipping and Return Policy

updated 29 November 2021

Shipping Policy

Every shipment will be done using our customers choice of shipment. Any shipment upgrade can be done before the shipping of the order. 

European Union (EU) and The United Kingdom (UK) will need additional price starting July 2021 since the new regulations is added.

Any tax or clearance upon receiving the product is our customer's responsibility.

All of our shipping are insuranced, meaning that if it's lost before arriving in our recipient's country, then it will be on our expense to send you another product.

If the product is already arrived in our customer's country (unless damaged), is all our customer's responsibility.

We will do our best to assist you throughout the entire shipping process.

Tracking number will be sent to your website's account and your email address.

Return Policy

All of customized product can not be returned.

Refund can only be made after 24 hours after the payment has been processed. Refund will be sent to paypal. Refund will be subtracted by fees taken by Paypal to transfer it Internationally. Refund after 24 hours can be done by us if one of these criterias were to be fulfilled :

- We can not complete the order

- The request was not logic

Returning the product if there's a size mistake is not allowed. Please read the size chart carefull before ordering. 

Returning the product one-sidedly will not be received by us and it will be returned automatically to your location.

Returning the product while it's still on the shipment is also not allowed.

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