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Facts About Jinx from Arcane League of Legends

Arcane League of Legend is a film adapted from the League of Legends the game. Arcane is now a very popular Netflix series, even beating the popularity of Squid Game in a some of the countries. No one thought that the animated series based on the game League of Legends could be very popular. As a result, this animated series, made by Fortiche Productions and Riot Games, has managed to dominate the list of popular series on the Netflix platform and on the IMDb site. Quoted from Dot Esports, Arcane currently has an IMDb rating of 9.4 out of 10, making it the highest-rated Netflix Original series to date.

The two main characters in the series are Jinx and Vi. Both of them have very strong personality in the series. Not only that, they are brother and sister who live in the city of Zaun. Zaun is a city inhabited by the poor, while Piltover is a developed city inhabited by the upper middle class. The Zauns were often accused of stealing by the Piltovers therefore both of this cities often in conflict. How will the story continue whether Vi and Jink managed to steal in the city of Piltover? Will Vi and Jink be caught by the Piltovers?

Well, here are four interesting facts that you should know about Jinx or what we know as Powder. What are these facts, let's look at the discussion down below~

1. Powder has innocent personality

In the third episode it was shown about Jinx's innocent personality, she didn't even know about the Hextech Crystal so that his friends were killed and Vi was also injured. Often time Jinx is considered by his friends and brothers as a troublemaker, and often wreaks havoc on those around her. Her innocent personality always made Vi angry.

2. Sister of Vi

Powder or Jinx is the younger brother of Vi. At that time there was an attack on the city of Zaun by a group of rebels from the city of Piltover which destroyed Jinx and Vi's house. That's where Vi and Jink were saved by Vander and eventually adopted them both. The interaction between brothers and sisters both in the series and the game is very special, this relationship makes Vi and Jinx as if they are meant to be a team.

3. Truly Clever

From her innocent personality, it turns out that Powder has huge amount of talent and is indeed very smart. She can make things from scrap to something that explodes. At first she often failed, but Jinx proved to his friends and brother that she is capable and could be relied on under any circumstances. Moreover, Jinx's ability to exceed the limit can detonate Hextech Crystals.

4. Crazy

In her childhood, Powder was an innocent girl, cheerful, and sometimes a crybaby. Growing up, Jinx's developed a will to become a strong, crazy and explosive woman like the 'Harley Quinn' of League of Legends. Jinx will bring terror to Piltover. Many art buildings were blown up by Jinx. The rebellious Jinx turned Piltover City into ashes.

Those are the four facts we get from watching the Arcane League of Legends series. Make sure to watch it on Netflix or any site-stream you prefer~

Thank you!

All About Japan Editorial Team

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