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How We Make Our Costumes and Our Gallery

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

All of the pictures are All About Japan's Property*

All About Japan is anime store based on Indonesia since 2020. We had more than 50+ 5-star reviews and 250+ sales on Etsy for High Quality product in 6 months period. We started moving to website on November 2021. And been serving more than 20+ countries ever since. Here are the process of making our costumes :

Choosing Materials

We will choose materials to all our product with these requirements and specifications : Durable, Quality, and Comfort. If the desired materials can not be supplied by our suppliers, we will make the materials on our own. See examples we attached down here.

a. Reflective material we made for Venti's archon costume (commission).

b. We made Phoenix Jacket's material from scratch.

c. We made custom patches for our customers.

Measuring & Cutting

We measure the fabric according to our standard sizes on each of our products. Or you can modify your own size by chatting us to let us know.

Our customer send us measuring photos to avoid mis-measuring.

Printing Designs

We have mutual collaboration with dependable printing company that uses good machine, that’s why our product have high quality DTG or DTF printing. We can also print on leather which most of people in this business can't do. We provide high level of tie dye as well and gradient colors on fabric.

Printing Example on Phoenix Jacket.

Cutting DTF printing design for Yoru's Jacket.

Sewing Process

We have teams that handle pattern-making, costume planner, and sewing. They are proven to produce high quality costume.


Here are some of the results we made throughout 2019 - 2022.

Judy Alvarez Costume

Yoru's Jacket - Valorant

Phoenix Jacket - Valorant

Rimuru's Demon Lord Costume - Slime Tensura

Draken's Kimono - Tokyo Revengers

We provide future consultations via Chat, Instagram's DM, or E-mail. Feel free to contact us whenever you need~ Our customers service are available 24/7 and will reply to your message as soon as possible~

Contact us :

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For Indonesian:

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