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Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 2 : What Surprise Will We See Again?

Back in season 2 of the Demon Slayer series: Kimetsu No Yaiba which has been officially released in Japan. The news circulating that this anime has occupied the first position and became one of the highest-grossing films in Japan, overtaking Spirited Away and Studio Ghibli films. This animation was produced by the famous writer Haruo Sotozaki and has managed to break records at the Japanese box office with a fantastic revenue of 303.2 million US dollars.

Now, season 2 has aired, the story starts from the Mugen Train arc. Where this is an adventure of their new moment. Rui's death is a painful moment for Tanjirou and could be a stimulus for Tanjirou's revenge.

The adventures of Tanjiro with his friends will be on a mission to accompany Rengoku the Hashira Fire to eradicate demons on the Mugen Train. They must face the devil and save the passengers on the Mugen Train. In the first season of Demon Slayer, 40 train passengers mysteriously disappear.

Together with one of the strongest warriors in the Demon Extermination Corps, Uzui Tengen the Voice Hashira, they headed for the Entertainment District where the demons resided. Tengen Uzui as Hashira will oversee the area called Yoshiwara. This entertainment-filled district is about the disappearance of a wife caused by the devil.

Tengen will be assisted by Tanjiro with Nezuko, as well as Inosuke and Zenitsu as the Demon Slayer Corps. But behind Tanjiro's good nature, soft-hearted, caring for his family and friends and even sympathizing with the devil, Tanjiro has his own shortcomings and bad qualities. Which is actually very realistic considering his young age and what he's been going through so far.

That's because of Tanjiro who at that time had lost a father figure and had to replace his role to meet the needs of his family. The life that Tanjirou lived at that time was quite heavy plus his family at that time had been slaughtered by the devil. The only surviving family is Nezuko, the younger sister of Tanjirou. That incident made Nezuko turn into a demon.

As time goes by, Tanjiro wants to return his brother to a human again and take revenge on the demon who took the life of his family. This is where Tanjirou begins his journey of revenge against the devil.

Season 2 will be the point where Tanjirou and his friends eradicate demons and carry out missions of revenge. They must face an attack on the Mugen Train to fight the demons and save the passengers. This fight will definitely be epic and exciting.

Can they eradicate the demons? What surprises will we see again in this second season? Will the revenge that Tanjirou feels will be avenged? Look forward to more on your favorite streaming platforms~

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All About Japan Editor's Team

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