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Mikey vs Takemichi : Who Will Win? - Tokyo Revengers Ch. 233

Spoiler Alert!

The manga Tokyo Revengers chapter 233 has been released by Pocket Shone Magazine yesterday on December 1, 2021. Continuing the previous chapter where Mikey vs Terano South, this chapter tells us about their last battle.

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This chapter starts off with Takemichi who's crying in fear. While Mikey in still continue to beat Terano South with the intention to kill South. Mikey continuously beat South until he was helpless. Then, Koko proceed to check South's condition and announced that Senju has been beaten by South, and South been beaten by Mikey.

Takeomi also asked Mikey why did he proceed to kill South and even ask if there's still a humanity inside Mikey. Mikey's respond shocked us. He kick Takeomi in the face and told Takeomi that he also belongs to die just like South. Takemichi, who was watching this fierce incindent wanted to hold off Mikey, received a hit from Mikey.

Now you might be wondering on why did Mikey hit Takemichi? Remember that, Mikey still felt Draken's death and still think that his death was Takemichi's fault. So basically, any noise Takemichi made will cause an inevitable anger for Mikey. Then the chapter ends.

What will happen to Takemichi? Will Mikey finish him off just like what he did to South? Let us know what do you think in comment section!

For those of you who wants to continue the manga, here's the official link to the manga~

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