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Spy X Family : One of the Hottest Anime in 2022

Spy x family is a new Japanese anime series that's just aired on Netflix. The series is produced by Wix Studio together with Cloverworks and is an action comedy genre. Spy X Family is actually an anime adaptation based on "Spy X Family" manga which already became a hit in the previous year.

As the title implies, Spy x Family will tell about intelligence spies, assassins, and psychic prowess packaged in a complete family. Which are genius! The idea of a family that consists of a mother, a father and their little daughter acting as spies to complete their respective missions is not a story that we watched everyday, especially in the anime world.

The initial story begins with Twilight (Loid Forger) who is assigned to complete his most difficult mission, Operation Strix. To be able to complete this mission he must marry and have a child so that he can approach his main target, Donovand Desmond. Donovand Desmond is the President of National Unity Party of Ostania.

Eventually, Loid marries Yor who is probably a Japanese assassins, and adopts a child called Anya, who turns out to a telepathic power that can read mind of everyone. The story will revolve in their daily life while hiding their respective identities. The mission that Twilight must complete, only to enter Eden Academy and be able to approach the son of his target, Damian Desmond. And this is where Anya comes to play.

Here are some of the interesting points All About Japan thinks about this anime :

  1. The anime is packed with beautiful art, which takes place around era 1940. We rarely seen a heartwarming anime with some exciting actions around 1940 era anime around these days. The last one with this type of setting was probably Violet Evergarden. Beatiful secenery, and of course a vintage designs are always a cherry on our eyes.

  2. A funny yet exciting anime series. In the first episode we get a heartwarming scene where Anya is hugging his adopting father. We know that Anya knew about his father true identity and the reason on why he adopted her. It will be a remarkable story plot. >.<

  3. Great to watch with your loved ones. Since the time era is not some distant past or future, we believe this anime is great to watch for all range of age. Especially with the comedy in it~

So, have you watched the Spy X Family? Give us your own opinions down below :

Will the twilight mission be successful? Is Anya able to graduate? And what will happen if this family finds out his identity is exposed?

Thank you for reading, and don't miss this anime series on Netflix~

All About Japan Editorial Team

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