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Valentine Special - Top 5 Anime Couples of All Time

Happy Valentine! Here's a chocolate for you~ 🍫

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While talking about loved ones now who are the most famous anime couples of all time? Here are the list~

5. Saito and Louise (The Familiar of Zero)

Initially hated each other, Saito and Louise's love story is quite interesting. In the anime, every student is supposed to receive a familiar for their own. The familiar varies starting from simple animal to some legendary dragon. But, Louise received her familiar a human named Saito, an ordinary teenager from Japan whose job was to help her be able to cast her best magic moves and protect Louise for the rest of her life. But Louise treated Saito like a maid, she told her familiar to wash clothes, put him to bed in the straw, and so on. As time goes by, Saito gets a mysterious power. He gains the ability to use swords and other weapons. Which finally made Louise fall in love. It's definitely one of the great couple progression in the anime.

4.Haru and Shizuku (My Little Monster)

This anime series follows the apathetic, cold and selfish Shizuku. Suddenly she met Haru, a boy who always makes trouble, cruel, and likes to fight and her life changes drastically. Because they both have the same character, they finally decided to become friends. Shizuku sometimes finds her friendly relationship with Haru difficult to understand, but she finds there's more to Haru than violence. He begins to develop feelings for her but isn't sure what kind of emotion he is experiencing. Shizuku and Haru together explore the true nature of their relationship and emotions. Definitely worth the 4th place!

3.Yuuko and Teiichi (Dusk Maiden Of Amnesia)

Teiichi and Yuuko accidentally met at the old school building. It turns out that Yuuko is an amnesiac ghost and she can't remember her past at all when she was alive, especially the reason why she died and became a ghost. Teiichi is curious about Yuuko's origins, death and memory loss. Teiichi decides to form a detective club to search for the mysteries of the mysteries of the Ghost Story in the old school And Search for the Mystery of Yuuko. The plot is amazing since the audience not only ship them as a couple but intrigued as well as curious to the reason behind her death.

2.Ban and Elaine (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Is it possible for a thief and a fairy to fell in love? An unexpected meeting between them was in the Fairy Forest, Elaine was the fairy guardian on duty to guard the fountain of immortality which can give eternal life if someone were to drink it. Meanwhile, Ban was a thief who planned to drink the water from the fountain of immortality. After thousands of meaningless attempts, Ban and Elaine became close friends who were quite close even though at the beginning of their meeting they often quarreled and argued a little. In the end, feelings arise between the two of them.

One day, the army from the demon clan came to demolish the fountain. Ban who is in love with Elaine, felt that it's his responsibility to protect Elaine as well as the fountain. The battle resulted in the severe wounds on Elaine's and Ban's body. Ban then forcefully requested that Elaine should drink from the last drop of fountain so that she can escape and continue to live. But, Elaine acted that she drank the water while forcefully kiss Ban so that Ban drink the water. This resulted in Ban to have an immortal body and he'll forever remembered Elaine's deed for him. His task is now to resurrect Elaine, will he be able to do it?

1.Meliodas and Elizabeth (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Meliodas and Elizabeth have a complex story and worthed to be the best love story in anime world. The relationship was complicated because both of them had a curse from the Demon King. Meliodas chose to oppose and betray the Demon King as well as the Demon Clan because he fell in love with Elizabeth who is the daughter of Angelic Supreme Deity. It is clear that their relationship is not approved by both parties. Meliodas was finally cursed by the Demon King to be immortal and would never age, while Elizabeth had a short life and would continue to reincarnate endlessly. Ironically, everytime Elizabeth reincarnated, she will not remember anything and then they will meet each time and fall in love again and again. Both of them definitely are the best anime couples of all time. What do you think?

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Happy Valentine and until next time!

All About Japan Editorial Team

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