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Top 5 Female Streamers - Reviewing 2021

The twitter page Stream Hatchet (@streamhatchet) has officially announced the top 5 female streamers in 2021. This rank is calculated based on the number of viewers that we can find on various platforms such as Twitch, YouTube Live, and Facebook Gaming.

One of the interesting thing this year is that Pokimane is not in the the list. It is known that the previous year Pokimane was in the second positions.Even though in the last year she was able to invite 23.3 million viewers on her Twitch platform.

Now let us proceed with the top 5 female streamers this year, let's look at their profile one by one.

1. Amouranth

Amouranth or as we know Kaitlyn Siragusa, was born in Texas, USA on December 2, 1993. She is also a world-famous cosplayer, not only she was blessed with a figure enough to drawn the viewers but she is definitely filled with talents which are twitch star, youtuber, digital content creator, social media influencer, and Costume Designer. With that, it's only normal for her to be able to occupy the first position for this year, which her viewers reached 12.1 M.

2. Usada Pekora

Usada Pekora is a Virtual Youtuber, she is one of the famous Japan member of Hololive. This year, Usada was lucky as she managed to occupy position 2 with 6.6 M viewers. Reported in the previous year, Usada was in position 4. This time she can prove to continue to survive and continue to be in the top 5 positions.

3. Valkyrae

Valkyrae or Rachel Hofstetter is an American woman. A youtuber who has 3.6 million subscribers. This year's position declined for Rachel, to third place with 5.8M views. Last year Rachel was in first place, but unfortunately not this year.

4. Saddummy

Go Eun Ah or who is famous for the Sadddummy is a youtuber from South Korea is still in the top 5 like last year. This year she is in the 4th place with 5.4 M views. The games she likes are World of Warcraft and League of Legends.

5. Sakura Miko

Sakura Miko is a virtual YouTuber from Japan and a member of Hololives such as Usada Pekora. This year two Hololive members are in the top 5 positions. Sakura Miko managed to occupy the top 5 with 4.8 M viewers.

These are the top 5 female streamers this year, some still holding on their position like last year, while some newcomers actually occupying the position. We look forward to next year whether the position will be the same?

All About Japan Editorial Team

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