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Yoru Agent 14 from Valorant : The Story of Ryo Kiritani

Yoru is a duelist agent from Valorant. He specializes in opening rift to another dimension, teleportation and using a flash grenade made of time/space energy. It has been leaked on the internet about the upcoming tablets that are spread around the maps by the upcoming Agent Fade. Here is the leaked Your's Agent dossier from what Fade spread :




You leave quite the trail of broken bones, don't you, Ryo? Tokyo. Yokohama. The Ito Conglomerate. You are so dedicated to your cause. Resolute in crushing your enemies.

A loner is what they call you. A title you have worn with pride. Even as every love, every friendship, buckles under the weight of your ferocity.

But I wonder: when you have finally finished the job you set out to do, will you have anyone left to share in its end?"

From the text above we know that Yoru's real name is Ryo Kiritani. He is either from Tokyo, or Yokohama. He is also a someone who is ambitious and dedicated. It seems he too has walked a thorny path before becoming a valorant agent. We are now truly wonder on what else will Fade spread about other agents.

Yoru's ability can punch a hole in reality and infiltrate his enemy's territory intentionally without being seen. These are the deceit and aggression strategies used by Yoru's player to trick the enemy before the target is aware. Here are the skills possessed by Yoru:

[Q] Blindside

Ripping an unstable dimensional fragment from reality. Upon throwing the fragment, activating a flash that winds up once it collides with a hard surface in world.

[E] Gatecrash

This skill allows Yoru equip a rift tether to teleport to the tether's desired location or to trigger a fake teleport.

[C] Fakeout

Set up an echo that transforms into a mirror image of Yoru when activated send it forward. Mirror images explode in a blinding flash when destroyed by enemies.

[X] Cross Dimension

This skill is useful when Yoru is in another dimension. Using the mask, Yoru is able to drift into another dimension, unable to be affected or seen by enemies from the outside

Those are some of the skills that Yoru has. As a duelist Agent, Yoru is one of the agents who has many skills to be able to finish off his opponent. Starting from his manipulative skill until it can disappear from the enemy's sight.

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